crypto currency - perfect zuesminer settings



Crypto Currency - Perfect ZuesMiner Settings

I have recently been experimenting with Crypo currency mining, more as an experiment than anything else. In due course I will write up a summary of my findings, including a run down of the core concepts, the code, the community, the cost and the difficulty.

However, prior to this I wanted to share what I believe are the optimum settings for a 'ZuesMiner - Blizzard'.

The official site and user guide point you to a cgminer build which is both old and for me at least, seemed to give pretty average results. High error rates, and sporadic functioning (sometimes it would just pause and wouldn't be able to recover outside of a PC reboot).

After some searching, I found a superb post on which describes a BFG Miner port which supports the hardware.I will be testing the reliability over a longer time perior, but initially, this combination seems to be the sweetest. Without rambling on, these are the kinds of figures I'm seeing.


I use as a pool and currently I'm seeing very strong results bearing in mind what I'd have expected as well as rock bottom error rates.


Now the important bit! to set this up, you need to grab the BFG Fork (of which the binaries are available on cryptomining-blog at this link BFG Miner form with support for Zuesminer asics.

Once this is downloaded, it's all pretty self explanatory, just tweak the 'ZEUS-START.BAT' provided with the number of chips and clock rate you'd like (I'd recommend sticking to the 328 already selected) your final '.bat' file should look something like this:

bfgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u dougajmcdonald_zuesblizzard -p x --nocheck-golden --chips-count 6 --ltc-clk 328 -S zeus:\\.\COM3

Obviously replacing the '-u' parameter to your username, '-p' to your password and the chip count to the number of chips on your miner, finally changing the 'COMX' value to the COM port yourdevice is recognised on.

I hope this helps people achieve better rates and lower errors than I was seeing via cgminer.

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