Ten simple things Destiny 1 needed


I write this as a Destiny 1 player who played on day one, hated the game at that point and came back a few months ago having spent the last year playing The Division for much of the interim as a comparison.

Sorry for the click-bait title but with Destiny 2 only moments away, I thought it was worth a quick recap of the simple issues which I can't believe Destiny 1 was still carrying 3 years after release.

1. Inventory sorting / grouping

It is literally amazing that and entire API exists and a plethora of third party applications have sprung up, many of which allow you to perform simple tasks such as sorting items.

Whilst you can sort you inventory between weapons and armour, quite how the armour isn't sorted by item slot and weapon type I do not know.

Some simple grouping and sorting seems like a no-brainer, nothing official after three years? mind boggling!

2. Needing to equip your highest level items during Decryption

The tiny slot by slot inventory is ridiculous but having to constantly swap items out during decryption makes no sense. I accept that the current state of decryption is hugely improved from what it once was but it's still not perfect. Fortunately I believe this issue will be resolved in Destiny 2.

3. Item sharing

Sure, Destiny isn't a trading game (pity, but there it is) however sharing items seems like it could have been helpful in enhancing community and levelling others. Sharing with your fireteam for a limited time after completing an event (like The Division) seems like it wouldn't pollute the game by forcing item sales etc, but would allow a little flexibility.

4. Crappy game stats (even with the strike point system)

There is so little of a way to prove in a strike or raid that you were useful! Kills is not detailed enough and rewards final hit hunting, I'm sure the game records accuracy, boss damage etc, but doesn't report anything.

The SIVA strike / CoE points system is better, but still not enough. Even in PvP, K/D ratio has the same problem. Back in the day, I played Unreal Tournament '99 which had the awesome ngStats system, UT2004 still offers this I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard for Destiny to have a similar system UT ngStats

5. Loadouts

Tiny per slot inventory is compounded by no loadouts in game. Having to sort and organise items with no visual queues as to the difference of items massive pain.

Excessive load times and the need to return to the tower or similar to access the vault is crazy. Forgetting a certain item and being in raid is basically unrecoverable in less than 10 minutes time the five waiting players is basically a cumulative wasted hour.

6. Terrible inventory size

Whilst the inventory size isn't quite as bad as The Division once was the limit per slot is madness! I accept that visually more than 9 / 10 is hard to show but I'm sure a UX designer could have found a way that worked!

It's annoying to not be able to carry 2-3 weapons of each type, especially when the burns become so important in nightfalls and strikes. As with point 5, not being able to carry enough weapons and the load times force people to 'make do' when they could have been better equipped.

7. More types of each weapon

The visuals of your character and the types of weapons are really superb, so I don't understand why there are such a limited set of weapons. I have three or four keystone-01's for example, but having to assess each one against each other with literally no visual different in the inventory beyond going into each weapons talents is stupid.

There needs to be more distinct types of weapons so it's easier to know what they are, and to experience unique visuals which make your character appear more customisable.

8. More armour types (per slot)

Why are there only about 4-5 armour items per class per slot? Why are the names all the same with annoying random talents?

Again, you can't easily differentiate, you can't see the full list of talents without going into each item and it's not fun to replace Azoth Bend with ...Azoth Bend...but this one has health on orb pickup....

There should have been more unique items or more types at the vert least, this is hopefully solved in Destiny 2.

9. Ability to see all stats when hovering over certain weapon upgrades

Why the bloody hell can't I see all the stats on a gun when my cursor is over the third talent down? I love the interface, it's genuinely superb, but this one thing is so annoying, I can't tell you what this upgrade does as nearly all the stats are obscured.

10. Character names

Esoteric perhaps, but naming characters would have been cool, add some personality to your Titan by calling him PunchyMcPunchFace or similar. I enjoyed the emotional attachment I had to my Paladin, "Douglaar" in WoW and I want to build that story up for my character again in Destiny.

It was pretty crappy in the Destiny 2 beta, to just say "one warlock please" and get the same faceless, speechless character I've played for the last few months.


This is not a Destiny bashing, these are just some seemingly simple quality of life improvements I would have expected from a game three years old with the type of following Destiny has.

I for one am looking forward to Destiny 2 and hoping many of these issues will be fixed.